Henry Coopers’ Walking Blog – March – Third month of challenge 2016 completed

Hello again

Things are still going well, firstly, here are the figures for up to the end of March:

  • 820 km
  • 19.5 marathon distances
  • As far as Buckingham to Stuttgart, Germany (as the crow flies)
  • 54985 calories
  • 40% of target distance

Thank you again for the fantastic donations, I’m really grateful – you can donate here thank you

So – why do I like walking so much?

  • It’s fantastic exercise, with minimal cost – you can usually find some lovely walks very near to where you live.
  • It’s a great way of spotting nature, I have seen kites, buzzards, deer rabbits, hares, lambs, as well as all of the lovely plants and flowers that are now appearing
  • You will almost certainly see something to make you say “wow”
  • It’s a great way of de-stressing.

Hopefully now that we are officially in spring, the weather will start to warn up, really looking forward to enjoying a bit of warmth and maybe shed a few layers of clothing!

So – thank you for reading, another update soon – happy walking – go on, get out there, you know you want to!

Bye for now