Congratulations and thank you to Sue for 10 years service

10 years ago my wife Catherine and I interviewed for a new post of Office Administrator, to help with all of the admin tasks that were starting to mount up, as the business grew.  That was when we first met Sue Waine, who agreed to join us after leaving her job, with HMRC.

Sue worked initially on a part-time basis and did a great job dealing with all that was thrown her way.  She quickly passed her trial period, even after “the finger nail incident” (best not to ask!)

Sue soon became interested in studying accountancy, so we took the decision to enrol her as an AAT student and sent her off to night school.  Two years later she qualified and became a full member of AAT (MAAT).  This enabled Sue to take on more accountancy tasks and she quickly became our personal tax return and payroll specialist (amongst all of her other duties).  She quickly became popular with all of the clients that she dealt with and her role soon became full time.

5 years later, she became a Fellow Member of AAT (FMAAT) and her certificate is proudly displayed on the office wall.

So, now after surviving 10 years in her role, Catherine and I hope you will join me in thanking Sue, for all of her hard work and loyal service – a lot has happened during this time, who knows what the next 10 years has in store?

Thank you Sue