Henry Coopers’ Walking Blog – First month of challenge 2016 completed

Henry Cooper is walking 2016 km in the year 2016!

Henry is walking 2016 km in the year 2016, to raise some funds for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. 

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Hello again.

Being an accountant, I suppose it is pretty obvious that I like figures/targets etc.  My lovely wife Catherine has said that my figure has improved quite nicely, after all of the walking that I have done over the last couple of years – I haven’t had the courage to explain to her that this wasn’t the sort of figures I had in mind!

I have got so into my walking (some might say obsessed!), that I needed a new challenge, hence the 2016 km in 2016 idea.  So, here come some of the figures that I was talking about:

  • 2016 km in a year is just over 38 km a week or just short of a marathon distance
  • I will therefore walk 48 marathon distances in the year
  • This should burn off about 130000 calories over the year!
  • I will walk (as the crow flies), roughly as far as Buckingham to Sicily

So – how am I doing so far?  I’m quite pleased to say that I have managed:

  • 343km
  • 8.1666 marathon distances
  • As far as Buckingham to Carlisle (as the crow flies)
  • 23000 calories
  • 17% of target distance
  • 2 sets of plasters for my little toes!

So – overall, a very pleasing start.  I’ll tell you about some of my exploits in another blog soon.

Bye for now.