Buckingham Accountant Swells Rotary Ranks

The following press release was made by Rotary District 1260, on behalf of Buckingham Rotary…

Buckingham Accountant Swells Rotary Ranks …

At its customary lunchtime meeting at Buckingham Golf Club on Monday 19 May, Buckingham Rotary was pleased to add yet another new member to its growing ranks.

Henry Cooper, the Managing Director of local company BirchCooper Accounting Services Ltd, was formally enrolled into Rotary membership by President Nick Fane.

Introduced to the club by former Mayor Cllr Mike Smith, Henry is a well-known and popular Buckingham businessman of many years standing. During his brief and succinct acceptance speech, Henry stressed that despite his name he was not a boxer; and nor was he related to a former comedian. Also well-known at Silverstone for his marshalling work, Henry expressed pride and delight at being accepted as a member of Buckingham’s foremost charity fund-raising organisation, and looked forward to joining his many new friends in Rotary’s extensive work.

On behalf of Buckingham Rotary, President Nick told Henry that the club recognised that he was a busy person who may be unable to devote as much time to Rotary as he would like. “But we welcome busy people”, said Nick; “they are the ones that get things done”.